Our Mission

is to evolve and apply science to empower and inspire every athlete to exceed their own expectations



It is the virtual representation of everything that is your home gym. It is the connection between Community & Personal Improvement, Sport & Science, and the Physical & Digital.


About the Product

Leveraging PUSH technology and sport science, this platform is the one key place that stores the fingerprint of the athlete's fitness providing them with the metrics and feedback needed to continually improve and exceed their goals.


About our People

We have formed a group of some of the worlds best in each domain from sport science to biomechanical engineering and design. We work relentlessly to evolve the world of sport and fitness toward what we desire as athletes ourselves.

The Primary NEXUS Colour Palette

The Secondary NEXUS Colour Palette

The NEXUS Colour Gradients

Typeface System for Printed Materials

Forza is our primary headline font which is appears to be made from an elegant assmbly of lines and curves. The typeface has a much larger and more sophisticated visual vocabulary, to ensure that common elements like the lowercase a (plus definite characters §, £ and €) can be created in a style consistent with the rest of the design. These same subtle complexities allow the design to extend to a broad range of weights, from a crisp thin/light.

Our primary body text typeface is Whitney. Whitney is a sleek modern font, that is a departure from the standard Helvetica. It is a versatile sans serif typeface which is highly legible, with a wide variety of weights that give distinction and impact to any communication.

For all electronic applications such as email, it is important to use a typeface that is installed as a standard on all PC and Macintosh systems. Arial has been selected to replace Whitney in electronic applications because it is the closest match out of the standard typefaces available.

Forza Medium

Primary headline font for print.

Forza Light

Secondary headline and sub head font for print.


Primary text/body copy font.

Mercury Display

Secondary text/body copy font. For use in situations where there are longer bodies of text such as press releases, instuctional text, letters, etc. Also for use when using block quotes.

Photography & Video Standards

The NEXUS visual identity is more than a wordmark or logo: it is a representation for all that we stand for. It is a symbol of our commitment to using existing science and developing new applications of scientific methods to the constant improvement of athletes anywhere and at any skill level. The relationship between each element of our visual identity has been carefully considered: the letters have been specially drawn and colors have been chosen to create a unique, distinctive mark. The relative size and position of the elements is fixed and should not be changed.

There are two variations of the NEXUS identity:
A. The NEXUS Wordmark
B. The NEXUS Shield

Note: that the NEXUS shield can be used alone ONLY WITH EXPLICIT APPROVAL of Marketing Director and/or the Creative Director.

Language - Speaking in the Brand Voice

The NEXUS voice is wise, experienced, confident and full of energy. It believes in the future of Crossfit, made effective by Push’s innovative approach to bringing together established science and passion for self improvement. Each sentence should exude a sense of passion. It is not about selling devices, but about fuelling passions. Push is a premium brand and the voice must reflect this trait. While it aims to be accessible, it is intelligent and does not speak to everyone.

Forget cute. Forget clever. Forget sarcastic. Use short, concise sentences – there’s no reason to use ten words when the message can be conveyed in five. While we’re at it, we need to limit pop culture references as this will date us very quickly. Not to mention the Crossfit community doesn’t care about Kim Kardashian, they care about sport, team, and progress

• Use 3rd person. As Tesla says: “The driver” is better than “you.”
• Write efficiently. Our audience is intelligent and busy.
• Be concise, Get to the point quickly.
• Be direct and confident without being aggressively arrogant.
• Prioritize the technology; it is the point of difference. Personal performance and science are good follow-up messages.

Voice and Language

Use straightforward language and a natural, conversational voice when writing copy. Remember, our audiences are always asking themselves: what’s in it for me? Communicate confidently and demonstrate that we understand their unique challenges and goals.

In general, follow these main style guidelines:
• Use active, present-tense voice and plain language.
• Keep words and sentences simple.
• Make it easy for readers to scan the main points.
• Be bold, brief, and clear.

Executing Text

Commas (“Serial”)
• In a series consisting of three or more elements, separate the elements with commas.

• Spell out an abbreviation the only on fist usage. Subsequently abbreviate

• Some (for example, “PC”) are so widely used that a definition would be distracting. Don’t spell them out.
• Plural form: Add an “s,” but no apostrophe (GPUs).
• Heading: When you use an acronym in a heading, don’t spell it out. Spell it out in the first or second sentence

• Italicize all titles, product names, accessories, etc. (as well as publication titles) in copy.

Styling Copy

Set The Stage
• Lead with a powerful, clear message up front (in the headline) to engage readers and preview the content to come.
• If the headline doesn’t clearly summarize the content, be sure that the subhead does (or copy immediately following).

Reduce Friction
• The copy should not be daunting for a reader. Keep it punchy using subheads and bullets for easy scanning.

Explain Why, Then How
• Focus on what the reader can do with the solution, then how the solution helps make it happen.

Let's Talk

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